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 Stuff you would want to know about.....

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PostSubject: Stuff you would want to know about.....   Thu Nov 13, 2008 7:53 am

Here i will list some stuff you would like to know about in Millsberry.

Millsberry Academy Bear- Probably it was sold in the Academy some time ago (probably a very long time ago) and is now sold for millions and millions of millsbucks! Maybe, luckily you will be able to find one for cheap, but i never heard anyone have such a lucky thing happened to him/her. Hopefully one of us will find it one day for super cheap!

Blue Popcorn tin- These you can find at certain yard sales for thousands of millsbucks. Theyre already described as blue popcorn tins. They've got pretty snowflakes on them, and lovesmillsberry101 has them!

Holidays shawls- They probably came into store in Christmas, and now sell for millions! I have looked around and found a lucky find! A cheap holiday shawl! Its greenish lightish. If you would be interested in taking one for 25,000 at bubble_baby555
Also, j_sales has some for 20,000!

Parka- A cute fuzzy sort of suit, where eskimos usually stay in. It is very expensive, but gooddog1230 is selling one for about 90,000 i saw!

Straw Hat- Wish you were a farmer, and have every clothes possible on you, but somethings missing on the head? Well you need a straw hat of course! Its a tad tattered and lots of straws cover it, but its stylish! Get one for 7,000 at y0s0y!

Ginger Bread House- A gingerbread house! How cute and yummy to eat! Its a decoration for your house, a good one especially at Christmas time! Find one here for 2,999 at androphiliac_freak!

Christmas Wallpaper- so you want Christmas and wallpaper? Get

Only the Lord helps, in every way.
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PostSubject: Re: Stuff you would want to know about.....   Mon Nov 17, 2008 7:54 am

Let's see I used to have the bear but I sold it!!!!!!!!!!!And I used to have the blue popcorn tin but I sold that too!!And know they're sold for thousands of millsbucks.
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Stuff you would want to know about.....
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